Eastern Soul

About Eastern Soul

Here at Eastern Soul we look sadly at the modern trend of throwaway “here today, gone tomorrow” music.

The best music isn’t loud, but it’s powerful.

You don’t just ‘stream’ the best music you savour it.

And when great music touches us we want to share it.

That’s as close as we get to a mission statement, just take it from us that we’ll bring you sounds, images and articles that no other blog or magazine can.

Staff at Eastern Soul

Niraj Chag – music editor

There’s no radio station that plays all the music that Niraj loves, so he created Eastern Soul. All the music in our downloads and the musicians we write about are picked by Niraj. Some of you will know that he’s a musician himself. More info on Niraj’s website www.nirajchag.com

RishiC – Executive Editor

Anything that goes on Eastern Soul passes my eye , so I guess I am to blame for anything you don’t like. And of course if you think you can do better, or you love the blog, or you just want to bend my ear about your personal passions, then I expect you to email me. You can reach me on rishic (at) buzz-erk (dot) com; connect with RishiC on Twitter.

Doug Heselgrave – Writer

Doug’s an amazing writer and will be writing some lead articles for Eastern Soul over the coming months.

Heloucou – design

The beautiful and mysterious heloucou manages all of our design and does a damn good job of it. Heloucou’s website

Contribute to Eastern Soul

If you’re a musician, composer, dancer, journalist, writer, blogger, visual artist, photographer or tech-head and you feel you can contribute to our labour of love we’d love to hear from you. Just contact me on the email address above.


The header image this month comes from Prayash.