Eastern Soul

Two visual artists with Eastern Soul

I love these two artists’ work fusing traditional Eastern influences with modern technologies.

Sara Choudrey, based in the UK, describes herself as as an “Islamic Digital Artist”. She combines traditional Islamic patterns with contemporary digital techniques to create really beautiful and mystical geometric artwork. She writes on her website:

“I have had a long interest in portraying the shaped structures we are surrounded by in nature connecting the laws of science and mathematics with that of Islamic theology. I enjoy exploring how humans may contemplate and relate to these structures and the spaces they generate.
Geometry, may sometimes appear chaotic and complicated but upon further exploration one can discover so much that brings understanding and clarity.
I find that these ideas and calculable structures connect to the theme of seeking knowledge of the Divine through the evidence of creation. This is also something I feel can be conveyed through the universally appreciated forms presented in geometry of varying kinds; helping to form a balance in spirituality and rationality.”

Horizon (Hand-cut pattern - reflected and projected)

WarpI (Light Projection)

Pat5_cut (Digital print)

Sanjay Patel is an animator and illustrator at Pixar Animation Studios in California, who has spent four years (mostly in his free time) creating an illustrated version of the Ramayana. In this interview he describes the motivation for the epic project, and the evolution of his unique illustrative style. You can see more of Sanjay’s work on his website Ghee Happy, devoted to “celebrating Indian mythology and culture through design and storytelling in a fun and modern way”.

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